Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is an inherited disease of the retina.

PRA occurs in both eyes simultaneously and is nonpainful.
PRA occurs in most breeds of dogs and also occurs in mixed breeds.

Because PRA makes rods die, and rods are responsible for vision in dim light (night vision), the first clinical signs that the owner often notices are night-blindness  and that the pupils are dilated; owners often notice a “glow” and increased “eye shine” from the eyes.

Clinical signs in dogs with PRA vary from the dog first becoming night blind in the early stage of PRA, to the entire visual field in all light levels becoming affected in advanced PRA. In the final stage of PRA, the dog is completely blind.

We have our dogs tested every year for PRA the results of these tests can be found  in the database from the “ESSCN” or “ raad van beheer Nederland”