Hip Dysplasia (HD)

Hip Dysplasia is an abnormality of the hip joints, whereby the socket of the hip joint fails to enclose the head of the upper thigh properly. This causes inflammation and bone tumours, which can be very painful. Until recently, it was assumed that HD primarily caused by genetic factors. Recent investigations, however indicate that, while genetic factors certainly play a role in terms of the susceptibility to HD, external factors such as food quality and exercise appear at least as important.  30% is genetic and 70% is environmental

Buy a good quality food for your dog

Make sure your dog does not get overweight

Be careful when playing games with your dog or training with a pup under the age of 1 year. Dont let it play too much with other dogs or chase sticks and balls to wildly. These kinds of games cause the pup to make abrupt and risky movements, which can overburden its soft joints.

A very underestimated factor behind HD is the floor covering in your home. Parquet , laminate and tiled floors are much too slippery for a young dog. Regular slipping can cause complications that promote HD. It is better to let your dog play in the garden as grass is a perfect surface to run on.

Luckily there are not many ESS suffering from HD. Due to the strict testing of the breeding animals.

Although this is a known problem,  not all breeders find it important,  and do not health check their dogs!